Bein' Baddd

OK -- we don't want to pass October by without any Oktoberfest coverage (even though Oktoberfest begins in September in Munich, Germany and is over now)

What is required for Oktoberfest?  Beer Maids of course

No Nudity -- but you can see the potential!

A little more potential here

This beer maid forgot her uniform (but she can still serve my beer!)

I do like Guinness

Oops -- She forgot my Guinness

I see it there -- but she's letting it get warm while she airs herself

Ah ha -- I think she's trying to hide my Guinness  -- Beer info and reviews of almost any beer in the world

What goes with beer?   Smoked Sausages!  

Here are a few locations I've gotten sausages from  --  Frederick, TX -- Opa's Smoked Meats -- Great Sausages and Smoked Meat (I reccommend the Jalepeńo Smoked Sausage) --  Lafayette, LA -- Comeaux's, Inc -- Fantastic Cajun Specialties (Try the seafood boudin!  [or any boudin for that matter])  --  Evergreen, AL  -- Conecuh Sausage Co., Inc.-- Another wonderful Smoked Meat producer

 More commercial sausage sites

If you're more adventurous, you can make your own  and get it just how you want it

What else goes with Beer?  Pizza of course

Back to Girls with Beer

Tiger beer -- Singapore

Budweiser beer -- USA

Another Budweiser girl

Melbourne Bitter -- Austrailia

Motörhead Bastards Lagar -- Stockholm, Sweden

The St Pauli Girl VS Kim Kardashian (I pick the one with 4 beers and a short skirt)

This seems like a great job

Just a few more beer girls to round the day out

Beer in the Car

Tattooed Beer Girl (looks like she's drinking the same beer, but I'm not sure)

Girl In Lederhosen (she must have hidden her beer too)

Beer on the stairs

A Beer Bong Girl

Did I mention that I like Guinness?

What's better than a naked girl and a full stein?

A naked girl with TWO full steins of course

Or maybe just four thonged women at the bar?

And to finish up Oktoberfest, a nice pretzel (but where is the mustard?)

Pretzel Girl on NYC street

Any comments/questions/gripes ---

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