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Halloween parties
You're too late for this year, but if you're into fetish stuff, you might want to check these parties out for next year -- Tampa, FL -- Las Vegas, NV -- Ft Lauderdale, FL ( -- Columbus, OH -- North Hollywood, CA -- Kouts, IN -- San Diego, CA

This is just a sampling of the most well known parties -- search around for your area

OK -- time for some sexy Halloween costumes (you might get some ideas for your own Halloween party costumes?) -- and maybe some sexy witches later

Bottomless soccer team costumes

Naked shooting team costumes

Avatar costume

Ballerina costume

Betty Page devil costume (drawing by Olivia de Berardinis)

Black latex cat suit costume

Cheerleader costume

Cowgirl costume

Devil girl costume

French maid costume

Green rubber girl costume

Heidi costume

Maybe just a pumpkin costume (of sorts)

Naughty nurse costume

(PS -- if you really like the naughty nurse uniform, you can see some at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas)  -- Naked Witchcraft  -- More Naked Witchcraft

Wonder Woman costume

It's not quite as good as Lynda Carter's, but it will certainly do

Now, maybe a nice witch for the day (she can trick-or-treat me!)


If you want to see more of her (and many others), she's the co-owner of the Terra Cotta Inn nudist resort and spa in Palm Springs, CA

Halloween -- must have a Julie Strain pic!  (drawing by Olivia de Berardinis)

Also need some Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

I used to do "Trick-or-Drink" -- but this Trick-or-Treat looks like more fun!

Although, these trick-or-treats looks promising too


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