Well, it's coming up on Veteran's Day (Nov 12th), so I thought a little flag waving is in order

And, I also thought I'd show some military women to celebrate the holiday

We'll begin with some real ones


WWII recruiting posters -- although women have served in the US Army since the Revolutionary War
as nurses, seamstresses, cooks and clerks

/  -- Women in the military around the world
http://womeninuniform.tumblr.com/ -- More military women around the world

Thank you ladies

And now on to the fantasy military ladies...

Military life begins with boot camp -- when you check in, you get your uniforms -- but some of them fit tightly


Then come some team drills and exercise -- where you're apt to get a bit dirty

She's doing pull-ups too (notice the teamwork drill as well)

She's doing toe-touches, but has a big handicap

Sometimes the instructors help the recruits that need individualized attention

These ladies are taking a short break from their hard workout


Then comes rifle/machine rifle/shotgun training



Followed by handgun training



Handgun training is very strenuous and requires a rest too

There is even some specialized training for the more elite women

Hand-to-Hand combat and heavy machine gun training


Sword training for the silent warriors


And heavier yet weapons training

Anti-tank rockets (Bazooka)


Or the REALLY big rockets

This woman is getting familiar with her tank


A few of these women are so tough, they can even stop bullets without any body armor!

I apologize about not finding fantasy women for the other services --
there just don't seem to be as many out there,  but here are a few... from past and present

Some Navy women from today and yesterday




Bambi Lin Finney -- USMC 1980 -- dismissed after this Playboy photoshot

The First women Marines enlisted in 1918

Air Force


Former Air Force Staff Sergeant in Playboy

Womens Airforce Service pilots ferried many aircraft from their factories to the war zones, freeing up men combat pilots

Coast Guard


The SPARS were formed in 1942 -- but women served in the Lighthouse Service since the 1830's
and in the Navel Coastal Defense Reserve since 1918

Three old retired guys from the Veteren's home were given, as a treat, a day at the beach.

And it turned out to be a nudist beach.

They were watching the various young women -- all agog.

When the prettiest of them all walked by, one of the men said, "I'd like to give her a hug."

"I'd like to give her a kiss," said the second man.

And the third old vet said, "What was that other thing we used to do?"


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