As you may have surmised from the opening picture, today's theme is Cougars (no, not the Mountain Lion kind -- smile)

Once again, not too much comment on my part;  I'll let the pictures do the talking










A young hunk ends up with a beautiful older woman at a wild club. As the evening progresses with drinking and sexy dancing... she asks the cub if he’s ever had a “sportsman’s double?”
He says what’s that?  She explains that it’s a mother and daughter threesome.
The guy thinks, if the mother is this hot then the daughter must be even better, so he agrees! He thinks this is his lucky night!  He goes home with her, and as they get in the house… the fabulous cougar woman shouts upstairs “Mom you still awake?”





If you've seen my other pages, you know I have a few favorites

Like Nina Hartley... (the third pic was quite a while ago!)


And Julie Strain (also a while ago on these pics)


These two women hosted the Playboy show Night Calls from 2001 to 2005 -- Juli Aston and Tiffany Granath (Tiffany has a show now on Playboy Radio 3 times a week)


I also have some favorite singer cougars -- here they are in earlier years

Debbie Harry (young)                                Madonna (young)                              Pat Benetar (from Payboy)


Some Debbie Harry youtube videos -- Djini Judy (with first band -- Wind in the Willows) (1968) -- Shayla/Union City Blue (1979) -- Heart of Glass (1979) -- Call Me (with Fergie) (2008)

And here is an original internet Cougar -- Wifey (of -- She and her hsband started the website in Jan 1998 and are still going strong.  She has natural 36DD breasts -- smile


See y'all next week

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