Today's theme is thongs and g-strings -- so not much actual nudity, but some nice bodies anyway.

Most of the pictures on the net are from the back (as you will see thongs do enhance that view)

so it's also mostly a butt issue too



Q - What do barbed wire and a thong have in common?
A - Both protect the property, but neither obstruct the view.

A guy goes over to his best friend's house and notices a lacy thong sticking out of his friend's jeans. He says "Dude! What the hell! How long having you been wearing a thong??"

 The friend says "Ever since my wife found it in the back seat of my car."







If you think that thongs are too big, there's the C-Sting...


I guess your butt-cheeks help hold it in place (but it is springy too)




Remember, not all thongs are created equal...





I do like crotchless panties of all styles -- smile


By the way, the blue thong has a remote control vibrator -- just the thing for when you're at a "chick-flick"





I hope your shopping time is fun -- and for you Northern folk, hoping you don't get too much snow or ice.

Comments/gripes/theme ideas --

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