This is the slightly belated Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras edition -- Chinese New Year facts and info -- Mardi Gras facts and info

Now, when you think of Chinese New Year celebrations in this country, you think of fireworks -- 100,000 Firecrackers -- 300 Rockets -- Longest firecrackers in SF(2015)


but I think of nude/semi-nude Chinese women
(I confess, I can often not tell the difference between Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, or sometimes even Japenese women -- so I go by the websites I find them)




Mardi Gras (or Carnival in many countries) is the last day before Lent begins (Ash Wednesday) and is the culmination of a number of days of celebration/partying (the number depends on the country/city where held). In New Orleans, the Mardi Gras celebrations usually begin right after Twelth Night, so the season is about 30-45 days long.  A recent part of Mardi Gras is the display of breasts to receive beads -- which is what I will primarily cover.  Mardi Gras begins the year of many parties/celebrations where breasts are prominatly displayed -- examples:   Motorcycle runs like Sturgis, Laconia, Daytona, Laughlin, Johnston and many others; Holiday partys in Parker, Az, Lake Havasu, Las Vegas, Miami, etc; Fantasy Fest (Key West), Folsom Street Fair (San Fransisco) and the number one nude party, Nudes-a-Poppin' in  Roseland, IN.  This not even close to a complete list, but I will, of corse, try to cover many of  these events either before or after.

On to the Mardi Gras beads... (I've included a few pics from Carnaval Brasileiro in Austin, TX)
NOTE:  See the differance between Mardi Gras and Fantasy Fest -- the temperature! (No coats at FF, so more skin) -- Naked At Mardi Gras
-- Mardi Gras women
-- More Mardi Gras women -- More Mardi Gras revelry -- Partying Mardi Gras Women
-- Bead Play
-- Mardi Gras Redhead
-- Mardi Gras masturbation

-- Getting Naked for Beads

It's easier to be semi-naked when you're indoors
-- Carnival Austin

Hope you enjoyed your Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras -- See you next time

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