This is the belated Easter and Spring Issue

[NOTE: I will not be publishing next time due to tax prep -- see you on 27 April]

I'll begin with Easter... I am only talking about the secular side of the Easter holiday -- Easter bunnies especially.
-- Naked easter basket delivery

-- Stripping Playboy bunny




 -- Carrot play


This issue also celebrates the belated beginning of the celestial spring (in the Northern Hemisphere -- autumn in the Southern Hemisphere).
The spring meteorlogical season started a while ago here in FL -- but it will be a while before it comes to the colder climates -- so here are a few pics to remind you that the cold will eventually leave -- smile. -- Bathing in Flowers
-- Nude with Flowers

 -- Tease Nudes

-- Stripping and masturbating outdoors

I hope your spring comes soon -- see you next time (27 April)

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