This is the offical Summer edition

(although in 2016, summer [in the northern hemisphere] began with the solstice on June 20 at 6:34 p.m. EDT) -- Summertime -- Big Brother & the Holding Company  (R&R) -- Summertime -- Norah Jones (Jazz) -- Summertime -- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong (Blues)

I'll concentrate on summer activities -- swimming, boating, beach going, etc -- often done with little or no clothing -- smile

Most public places do not allow total nudity (but many places allow the same toplessness of women as men)
Many if these swimsuits are legal (some not-so-much)-- depending on your location
-- Sheer blue micro bikini
-- Sheer pink micro bikini -- Sheer green micro bikini
-- Sheer orange micro bikini -- Sheer fishnet micro bikini

And it's not just women who can wear skimpy swimsuits

 -- Sheer micro bikinis 1 -- Sheer micro bikinis 2


Bikinis can have multiple straps -- or none-at-all (stick-on -- smile)

I don't think multiple straps hide much more though

Of course, there is always the nude option (especially in your own pool or the nude beach!)





And if you're at the beach, how about surfing? -- Nude Surfing

or boating...


There are many other exciting summer things to do -- like going riding (car, motorcycle, bicycle, horse) -- Topless in convertible -- Nude girl on back of motorcycle -- Nude blonde bike rider

 -- Nude horse riding


Have fun this summer -- but stay safe

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