This is another belated mixture -- Last day of Summer/First day of Autumn, Folsom Street Fair, and Oktoberfest

Starting off with the last day of summer and the first day of autumn.  Autumn (Northern Hemisphere) began at the September (Autumnal) equinox -- September 22, 10:21 A.M. EDT -- when the solar ecliptic crosses the celestial equator.  Autumn signifies harvest time and a transition into winter

So here are a few autumn women as well as a few end-of-summer women too.

A body paint autumn camouflaged woman series
-- Nude in nature


Find the woman in the second picture -- Nude in Woods -- Milk Maid


The Folsom Street Fair was on 25 Sep this year.  The Fair was begun as a gay leather gathering -- but has now been embraced by a number of other fetish and BDSM groups

 -- FSF 2015 -- mostly gay, some female

 Now on to the last part of this page -- Oktoberfest. The Munich Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival/funfest.  This year, the Munich festivities began on 17 Sep and run to 3 Oct.  But, at the official part of Munich Oktoberfest, you can only get 7 beer varieties (Munich beer only) -- but the are many others from around the world to be found outside the offial area.  And, Oktoberfest celebrations happen around the world.
-- Oktoberrfest live cam

We often associate Oktoberfest with buxom beer servers -- so I'll start with some of them -- but there are other beer women to be seen -- smile
-- Oktoberfest fashion -- Oktoberbreast

The whistle is to get people out of the way -- Beer drinking lesbian short

Of course, I must have an Ariel beer maid -- smile

There are some good things about beer in bottles...

I always like the nude beer women -- Naked Beer Waitress


And you don't have to stay in the beer tents and dance polkas all night -- smile

I hope nobody is wasting beer!

I think that's enough belated events -- see you next time

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