This is the Pearl Harbor issue

Today is the 75th anniversary of "the day which will live in infamy"
On Sunday, Dec 7th, 1941 at 7:55 AM Hawaiian time, the first wave of the Japanese surprise attack on the naval base at Pearl Harbor (as well as the surrounding army bases as well)

I'm taking a bit of a departure from my usual send-- this will primarily be WWII nostalgia -- aircraft nose art, pin-ups etc.  Of course I will have to put in a few risqué pics -- smile

Nose art began in the Great War on a few German and allied planes.  It reached it's heyday for the US during WWII.   Although some nose art was done by professional artists, most was done by amateurs -- crew chiefs, crew members, etc.  The name was usually something that had meaning for the artist and/or crew -- and contrary to what you see here, not all were pinup women -- some were cartoon characters or even just lettering.  A few of the nose art pictures bordered on the pornographic and almost all would not be considered "PC" today

Here are three of the most famous airplanes of WWII

(Notice that plane names were not unique -- it was just what the artist/crew wanted) -- Nose art and troop morale

For a long period after the Korean War, nose art was forbidden in the USAF -- but it has gained a resurgence lately.  However, gone are the pinup women and "non-PC" images

Many of the nose art images were inspired from the pin-up pictures of the era.  Pin-ups as we know them began in the late 1800's (although erotic painting has been around "forever") and reached their pinnacle during the late 1940's when photographic pin-ups began to take over.


Some of the more traditional pin-up drawings continued on in magazines like Playboy

The photographic pin-ups are usually more explicit.  Here are some Bettie Page pin-ups for the 50's-- the "Queen of the Pin-up"

Soon others filled in to take Bettie's place when she "retired"

Because it is Pearl Harbor Day, we should have a few Hawaiian girls -- Nude Hawaiian
 -- Nude in Hawaii


Hope you enjoyed this issue -- see you next time

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