Christmas/New Year/First Day of Winter Issue

The Winter Soltice is at 5:44 AM EST on 21 Dec 16 and in the Northern Hemisphere marks the time when the Earth's equator and the celestial ecliptic are the farthest apart -- i.e. the shortest day of the year and the beginning of winter -- 
so let's start with some winter pics

I know you who have snow are loving it -- I have to endure without it -- smile

Time to get up the lights

Let's continue with some Christmas helpers --


 -- 50 awkward Christmas dresses -- Christmas strip



If you really want to be helpful, unwrap the present before giving -- Unwrapping presents



On Christmas Eve, expect to see reindeer


Many people set their Christmas table the night before

Let's close out with a little Happy Nude Year -- Naked New Year celebration

(Happy Nude Rear?)

And if you're so inclinded, don't forget the polar bear dip on New Year's day -- Naked Polar Bear Dip -- Toronto -- NH 

Non-nude -- Coney Island, NYC -- Vancouver -- Loch Ness, Scotland -- Russia(?) -- Russia(?)

See you next year.  It takes me a bit of work to do the annual changeover, so I'll plan on being back on the 11th.

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