Fetish Issue

This issue is a little unusual -- an issue dedicated to sexual fetishes.  I'm not going really hardcore, but this might be stressful for some of you.  If you do not want to see fetish pictures, just leave and come back in two weeks for a more "normal" issue (St. Patrick's Day)

Fetishes take on many forms -- from extreme adoration of certain body parts (breasts, feet, ears, etc.), to certain clothing (leather, vinyl, corsets, nylons), to actions of degredation and/or submission.

Let's start with the most common fetish -- breasts -- big, small, saggy, pert, pierced, etc.



A more extreme breast fetish is bondage and torture

-- Big Breast torture



Another body part that is fetishized is feet and legs (including hose/pantyhose and shoes/heels)


A very common fetish is bondage -- from simple to elaborate

Another popular fetish is spanking/whipping -- from light playful swats to seriously striping




One of the more esoteric fetishes is Pony Play (also Dog/Cat Play, etc)



One more popular fetish -- Lingerie (Frilly, leather, vinyl, etc.)


I hope you liked this issue -- See you next time

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