It's Spring

Official Spring (Northern Hemisphere) began on 20 March, 10:29 UTC (6:29 EDT) at the time of the Vernal (Northward) Equinox (when the celestial equator coincides with the ecliptic plane)

Many people associate Spring with the emergence of spring flowers (of course which flowers and their bloom time depends on location) -- so here are some flowering pictures.  I am not a horticultural expert, so I don't guarantee that these are actually spring blooms.












You don't just have to "smell the flowers" to enjoy a nice spring day -- you can just "commune with nature" instead





Notice:  Weatherwise, Spring comes later in some places -- smile



One more thing always associated with spring -- Spring Break!

A time of too much sun, too much drinking, and the occasional breast/butt/bush flashing
Notice:  What you wear and what/how you drink depends on locale
Notice 2:  The State Department has re-issued a warning about traveling to Mexico for Spring Break!



Notice -- Because of taxes, I won't be publishing again until 26 April

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