This is the Marriage Issue

June is a traditional wedding month.  The practice started in Roman times -- a festival of the deity Jupiter and his wife/sister Juno, who was the goddess of marriage and childbirth, on the first day of June. The tradition is thought to have continued because there were flowers available for wedding décor, and the scent of the flowers masked body odor of the seldom bathed guests.  It continues because it's the easiest time of year for most brides and grooms to take extended leave from work and younger guests are on school/colledge break.

I'll start out with actual wedding dresses shown during the last few years bridal shows.  These are expensive couture creations.





As an alternative to paying a great amount of money to show off your assets at your wedding, just go for a naked wedding instead...
-- Naked Wedding, Las Vegas (censored)


Many brides (and some grooms) are opting to take pictures of themselves that they can't show the kids
(Some of these are obviously professional models -- but most are not [I think])


Sometimes the bridal party wants to get in on the pictures


Note -- there are some things you should do before the wedding dress is on                                          



Here are some wedding tips
1. Get to the church on time   2. Make sure the groom gets there too   3. Don't schedule it during a naked bike race

4. Pick a good bridesmaid dress  5. Have a fun bachelorette party

6. Keep your mother involved  7. Pick a helpful maid-of-honor  8. Have fun during the ceremony

9.  Make sure your dress will be OK during the reception  10 If you're not wearing panties...   11.  Be prepared for your wedding night



Remember for the wedding -- go cheap, go nude -- smile

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