Summer Heat Issue

Officially, summer began on 21 Jun, on the Summer Solstice.  Most of you are feeling the heat of summer by now.  Summer is definitely a time for the beach (ocean, lake, or river) or the pool.  Another good way to keep cool is boating or going to the mountains.

So, I'll start off with some beach and pool women keeping cool with a skimpy (or no) bikini -- Nude and sweaty at beach
-- Nude Beach




Remember, I'm including boats, rivers and lakes in this category
 -- Why you should exercise naked (no pics)

But, you don't have to be at the beach/pool to get cool...


Not wearing panties might make you cooler... or maybe just being nude
Note: I forgot National No Panties Day on 22 June -- I hope you dressed appropriately




At work or play, you can still be cool


Note:  If you're out in the heat and get wet or sweaty, remember white often becomes translucent when wet


Remember the comment -- hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk -- this is even better -- smile

See you next time -- stay cool until then

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