Another miscellaneous issue

I'm taking August off for vacation, so there is a lot to cover

I forgot National Bikini Day last time -- 5 July  (although there were plenty of bikinis)


On 16 Jul, Game of Thrones began it's 7th season (only 7 episodes this time)  Here are a few memorable GoT scenes
Cersei  had her Walk of Shame (but used a body double)

She got her revenge by blowing up the Sept and all the followers -- and here's Ygritte

and Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, etc, etc -- and one fake that I wish wasn't

23 July is National Hot Dog Day
-- Semi-naked woman eats hot dog

3 August is National Watermelon Day -- Rachel Cook eating watermelon

10 August is National S'Mores Day and I'm not sure why these are different, but 30 Aug is National Marchmellow Toasting Day
I had trouble finding appropriate s'mores pics, so these will have to do -- Amberleigh West eats a s'more (Part 3 follows)


And finally, 4 Sep is Labor Day
Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the American workers contributions to the country's strength and prosperity.  Additionally, Labor Day is the unoffical end of the summer holiday season. (The offical end of summer is the autumnal equinox, this year on 22 Sep)

This is often the day to have a last boating outing and bring the boats out of the water for winter.

But you can certainly enjoy other activities as well


What you should NOT be doing, is work (even if it is naked -- smile)

It looks like Home Depot won this one


I hope you have a happy remainder of summer -- as the song by The Happenings goes, "See You In September..."

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