Columbus Day and Fantasy Fest

Columbus Dayis a day traditionally celebrated as an Italian recognition day as well as the anniversary of Clombus' discovery of the Americas by the Europeans (of corse, the Vikings did it first, but it was not well documented).There is much controvery about CD -- The Native Americans especially find the day repugnant.  No matter, here are a few Italian women
(I sometimes am not sure where internet women are from -- but these women we know, mostly from movies) -- Hottest Sophia Loren pics

  --  Busty Italian actress


 -- Most beautiful Italian women



To counter the Italian women, here are a few Native American women.  I realize they are NOT dressed in what would be typical NA dress -- for sure NA women would not wear headresses!

NOTE: A number of well-known actresses/singers claim some Native American ancestery (who knows?) -- Jessica Biel, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Alba, Angie Harmon, Mandy Moore, Vanessa Hudgens, Megan Fox, Carmen Electra, Fergie, Shannon Elizabeth, Demi Moore, Heather Locklear, Cameron Diaz, Traci Bingham, Kristen Chenowith, and Jennifer Tilly to name a few [most of these women claim Cherokee heritage -- did they not keep good records?]  



Fantasy Fest

The first Fantasy Fest was held in 1979 when two local businessmen organized a party to stimulate business.  Fantasy Fest  has grown to a party with the number of people rangeing from 25,000 to 75,000. The event has escalated to a ten-day celebration that includes balls, parades, costume competitions, AIDS fundraisers, body painting, drag queen contests, costume parties, pool parties, and of course, body painting and alcohol.  Fantasy Fest has grown to rival New Orleans' Mardi Gras as an event drawing out-of-towners.

FF is a party for adults -- both young and old, to let loose a bit -- much displaying of naked/semi-naked/body painted breasts (and sometimes other parts).  Although full nudity is not allowed in public (don't get caught), there are many private parties to do that if you desire.  FF also has a family element, but who cares -- smile.  I imagine that there was a LOT of cleanup after Hurricane Irma to get ready for this years FF. -- FF On As Scheduled
(although FF is still on, if you are going, you need to check your housing plans)

So, on to the women (and some men) of FF -- FF 2012, pt 5 -- FF 2013, pt 1'
-- FF 2013, home video -- Another FF home vid

-- FF revelry
-- FF flashing -- FF video -- FF flashers
-- FF -- FF video

Of course, if it's Florida, there will be pool parties


An it's just not FF without a few pics of my favorite from a while ago -- Ms Michele

Enough Fantasy for this year
(hopefully next year will have less rebuilding)

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