July Compilation Days

July has a number of little-known holidays -- Let's start with some food and drink days -- Jul 12 -- Eat your Jello Day; Jul 13 -- French Fry Day; Jul 14 -- Mac & Cheese Day; Jul 15 -- Ice Cream Day & Corn Fritter Day; Jul  18 -- Caviar Day & Hot Dog Day; Jul 19 -- Daiquiri Day; Jul 20 -- Lollipop Day; Jul 21 -- Junk Food Day; Jul 24 -- Tequila Day; Jul 25 -- Wine and Cheese Day & Hot Fudge Sundae Day; Jul 27 -- Creme Brle Day & Scotch Day; Jul 29 -- Chicken Wings Day & Lasagna Day; Jul 30 -- Cheesecake Day; Jul 31 -- Avacado Day

And some non-food holidays: Jul 22 -- Hammock Day & ; Parents Day; Jul 23 -- Georgeous Grandma Day; Jul 24 -- Cousins Day; Jul 26 -- Aunt and Uncles Day; Jul 30 -- Father-In-Law Day

I'm going to mix up the pictures instead of having categories -- here goes...


https://www.redtube.com/727133 -- Woman covers herself in chocolate then masterbates



These need a little explianation --Katrin &Tila Tequila and Amber Daikiri -- smile

https://www.sexyandfunny.com/watch_video/cristal-turns-herself-into-a-whipped-cream-chocolate-sundae_83190.html -- Woman covere herself in chocolate and whipped cream







-- Flashing in fast food place


A Buddist orders a hot dog from a vendor.  The hot dog vendor makes him one and says, "That'll be $7.50.”  The Buddhist hands him a twenty. The hot dog vendor pockets it and turns to serve the next customer.  The Buddhist asks, "What about my change?"
"Change comes from within."



http://www.damplips.com/p/20291/ -- Explicit sex at hot dog stand








-- Woman stuffs a pussy with mac&cheese



I hope the remainder of your July is fun and healthy

REMINDER -- no page in August -- see you in September

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