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The official start of Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) occurs on the June soltice --June 21, 6:07 AM EDT, this year --  although in some cvultures it is called midsummer.  Summer of course brings weddings and the four Bs -- beaches, boats, bikinis, and babes -- smile.  I think I'll start with weddings...

These are actual wedding dresses  and some real/staged wedding photos



Instead of elaborate dresses, some brides just go for a nude/semi-nude wedding (nudity optional for the guests)
(or in the case of the first picture, bodypaint)


Another recent trend is for brides (and sometimes bridal parties) to have nude/semi-nude  pictures for posterity



Breidesmaid help calm and relax the bride and remove the stress of the wedcding

Enough of weddings -- time for the summer 4 Bs -- beachs, babes, bikinis and boats (technically I suppose you can throw in beer, but I consider that a year-round thing)













I hope you have a wonderful summer

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